Advantages of Mahogany Wood Post Caps

1. Durable and long-lasting.
Mahogany is extremely durable and resistant wood. In 1985, a test by Forest Research showed that this wood also performs well in ground contact.

2. Attractive wood grain and look.
The mahogany wood is red-brown in color.

3. Water-Resistant.
It is water-resistant so that it is very durable in contact with moisture and direct water. It can be used for decking and boat building.

4. Control over shrinking and warping.
Mahogany wood does not have the effect of changing weather. It does not shrink or warp in winter and summer.

5. Hold Paint and Polishes Well.
It holds wood polish and paints well. Polish and paints enhance this wood’s lifespan even further.

6. Resistant to Rot.
The mahogany belongs to the hardwood species. Hardwood is generally very resistant to decay. Its grains are compact and dense.

7. Uniform Color.
The color of wood obtained from a tree is uniform throughout.

8. Can be Nailed or Screwed.
The grains of this wood are compact and dense. Therefore it holds nails and screws very well.