Care for Your New Mahogany Post Caps

Mahogany post caps from Island Post Cap HAVE BEEN treated with Anchor Seal Wax to prevent against cracking and checking. This should wear off in about two weeks.

After wax has worn off you must be treat the post caps prior to being installed on the post with stain or paint.

If you do not wish to wait the couple of weeks you can try the following: you may use mineral spirits. Pour a small amount of the mineral spirit cleaner onto a steel wool pad and scrub the paste wax surface. Or you can use household ammonia and vinegar to break down the bond paste wax forms with the surface to which it’s applied. Try rubbing one of these products onto the surface with a rag or a steel wool pad. These can also void the warranty of our products.

You may order the caps un-waxed, however if you do they will NOT be covered under warranty and will not be returnable or refundable.

Mahogany is a tropical wood popular for building because of it’s durability, hardness, workability, insect resistance, and relatively straight grain. The color of mahogany is a dark red-brown which darkens as it ages. When polished, mahogany has a striking sheen.

Stain outdoor wood periodically. After a cleaning is a good time to stain the wood to help seal it and preserve it’s natural qualities.

Find a good stain such as Messmer’s UV Plus and apply the stain according to the product’s instructions.

The following is recommended:

Messmer’s Wood Finishes
Premium finishes for decks, siding, log homes, fencing and more.

Natural Wood Deck Sealing
Non toxic, effective solution to keep wood structures in good shape!