Don’t Let Winter Ruin Your Deck: 5 Tips to Winter Deck Preparation

Winter weather can be tough on outdoor spaces, including your deck. Snow, ice, and sleet can cause damage, so preparing your deck for the winter can make it safer and last longer. Here are five tips for getting your wood deck ready for the colder months:

  1. Remove Dirt and Debris: Dirt, leaves, and other debris can cause mold and mildew to grow on your deck’s surface. Regularly sweep and clean your deck to keep it in good condition.
  2. Repair Any Damage: Fix broken or loose boards before the first snowfall. Snow and ice can cause further damage if your deck is already in disrepair.
  3. Apply Waterproof Sealant: Protect your deck’s surface against the elements by applying a waterproof sealant. This will help prevent damage from rain, snow, and ice.
  4. Store Deck Furniture: Keep your deck furniture safe by storing it in a dry place like a garage or storage unit. This will help prevent damage from snow, sleet, and ice.
  5. Remove Snow and Ice: Use salt melt to help clear snow and ice from your deck. Be sure to purchase quality snow shovels to remove the snow without damaging your deck.

By following these tips, you can ensure your deck is winterized and ready for whatever winter weather comes your way.

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