Teak Furniture Cleaner


Your teak furniture will take on a silver grey color by being exposed to all types of weather conditions after six months to a year. Teak care sealer and teak care fixer reduces the effect of weather on the wood and enables the removal of dirt and deposits more easily. If left untreated, aging may occur unevenly. Tiny cracks will naturally appear on all teak. Teak care cleaner will help remove stains or dirt from untreated furniture.
We do not recommend the use of oil but should it be used, it should be applied before the furniture begins to weather. Too much oil will make the furniture very dark and will eventually blacken. Stubborn marks or discoloration can be removed with sandpaper.

Teak is a natural product, therefore; it can be subject to variations of color, grain and texture. Any variation in color will become uniform after a few weeks of exposure to daylight.