Copper/Stainless Finials and Post Caps Maintenance

How do I keep my copper post cap from turning green?

There is no permanent protection system that will protect copper from weathering. There are clear coatings that will provide short-term protection for exterior applications and longer-term protection for interior applications. Our copper post caps are treated with a clear-coat to minimize discoloration during handling and installation; however, the coating will eventually break down due to ultra-violet rays and normal weatherization. Depending on the climate and sun exposure, this process can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.


What does "patina" mean?

The natural weathering of copper is the result of the corrosive attack of airborne sulfur compounds. This leads to a gradual change in the surface color. The final color is different and depends on the location and local weather. Salt, moisture, sunlight, and orientation can affect the final color. In general, copper changes in hues from a natural salmon through a progression of russet browns, grays and finally to a blue-green or green-gray patina.