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With Island Post Cap, you can bring a beautiful finishing touch to your outdoor project that draws on more than three decades of craftsmanship, and you’ll also get the personal attention that has placed the right product with the right customer time after time.

Our top-of-the-line selection of fine post caps, finials, arbors, gate, outdoor deck components and pergolas are made out of the high appearance grade Cedar, Redwood or Treated Pine. There’s plenty to choose from with this level of quality, and we sell glass post caps as well. Our extensive product categories allow you to select the perfect combination from our wide variety of post cap sizes and styles, wood species and extensive finial options to match any fencing, decking, patio or landscaping project.

A direct source of special wood products, Island Post Cap has been working hard for our customers since 1986, and we’re here for your next project too. Call us at 800-555-3694 for a custom estimate and personal attention in your product selection. Phone hours are from 7 am to 10 pm Monday through Saturday and 12 pm to 8 pm on Sunday (all times Central).


Glass Post Caps: Timeless and Sophisticated

Post Caps provide protection for fences, decks and yard posts, while instantly upgrading your home’s architectural features. Some of the first “modern” post caps were old tin cans – turned upside down to protect the tops of split wood fence posts. While wood is inherently resilient to decay from moisture absorbing into the sides of […]

Advantages of Mahogany Wood Post Caps

1. Durable and long-lasting. Mahogany is extremely durable and resistant wood. In 1985, a test by Forest Research showed that this wood also performs well in ground contact. 2. Attractive wood grain and look. The mahogany wood is red-brown in color. 3. Water-Resistant. It is water-resistant so that it is very durable in contact with […]

Care for Your New Mahogany Post Caps

Mahogany post caps from Island Post Cap HAVE BEEN treated with Anchor Seal Wax to prevent against cracking and checking. This should wear off in about two weeks. After wax has worn off you must be treat the post caps prior to being installed on the post with stain or paint. If you do not […]