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Call for an instant quote: (800) 555-3694

Boston Turning Works Finial Installation

Prior to Installation

These finials have been fabricated from laminated kiln-dried lumber for lasting stability in exterior environments. As with any laminated wood product, they require proper finishing before installation.

All surfaces, including the underside, should be coated with an oil-based primer and paint or oil-based stain or preservative. We recommend Cabot Problem Solver, Benjamin Moore Moorwood or an equivalent for a prime coat to prevent color bleed-through.

How to Install

  1. The included dowel screw should be inserted to the midpoint (smooth section) into the finial with vise-grips or pliers, and a bead of latex caulking run around the underside of the base.
  2. The finial can then be screwed down onto the mounting surface, and excess caulk wiped away.

Boston Turning Works Finial Maintenance

After installation, maintain finials with normal periodic application of paint or stain as with any exterior woodwork.